Let Me Go - Album

Let Me Go is a work that has been long in the making. The 13-track album features the melodic, uplifting and inspiring first single “Broken” in 2017. The single, as remixed by Mikey Gallagher (Leona Lewis, Deborah Cox, Danny Howells) climbed to the Top 30 in the U.K. Commercial Pop Club Charts. The music video for “Free Me” was nominated for Best Music Video by the Jersey Shore Film Festival (2018); “Over Again” was nominated by the Garden State Film Festival (2018) and the Berlin Motion Picture Festival (2017) for Best Music Video and Best Rock Music Video respectively. 


The album is in three parts addressing quests for “Personal Freedom” from things that haunt you, “Romantic/Heartbreak Freedom about dating and romance, and Self-Acceptance – which talks about living your own and best truth.